MYRA Capsule 300IU 30’s

kamagra ajanta pharma kaufen The Vitamin E in Myra is a super antioxidant that stays longer in the body.  It works day and night, continuously protecting each cell, repairing damaged cells and destroying free radicals that can cause further damage. Vitamin E beads help maintain your skin’s natural moisture. It has Biowhite Complex which was derived from natural plant extracts. If used twice daily for two weeks, it can gently whiten skin. Vitamin D helps with bone growth and heart health while vitamin E protects and nourished your skin.
Younger looking skin lasts longer when you take care of it inside and out.  Take Myra Capsule to renew damaged cells from the inside then apply Myra Topical to nourish and maintain your skin’s natural moisture.Stand-out with smooth glowing skin with the help of Myra products

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For the prevention and treatment of vitamin
E deficiency

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d-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) 300IU 30/bottle

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