High End Health, Wellness & Beauty Products Manufacturer and Distributor

Health Mallasia is a joint venture between Westmead Pharmacy Singapore, deCARE Medical Singapore and Genesis Healthcare USA. We are the leading manufacturer, global distributor, online reseller of high-end health, wellness and beauty products.

Health Mallasia offers effective health products and supplements, health coffee for those who are fitness freak. We care for your babies and kids along with your beloved one and that's why we have special beauty and personal products for them. Our wide array of products takes care of sports as well as diet conscious people.

Some of our Best Products Includes Acai & Goji Berry which is super antioxidants & supports healthy energy levels along with boosting metabolism. We have COQ10 which supports healthy cardiovascular and nervous system that provides anti-oxidant protection and health.

To reduce stress levels L-THEANINE is the best that not only reduces stress but also promote relaxation without drowsiness. Our LUTEIN PLUS promotes overall retinal and macular health with the protection of your eyes from harmful visible light. It helps you to give vision in dim light & keeps your eyes healthy.

Apart from this, we have variety of affordable mouth-watering flavours which take cares of your health, wealth and give you a great shopping experience.